You’re Only As Good As…

There’s an old saying in sports that you’re only as good as your last game. As unfair as it seems it is quite true. Oh, past performances might lead to a better paycheck but they do not help today’s performance be good. Last year’s game or performance, last week’s, or even yesterday’s does not help today one iota. I think Paul had the same idea in mind. He wrote his second letter to the Corinthian Church to defend his credentials against those who sought to discredit him. He then states that he could go on trumpeting his goodness and quality but “I refrain,so that no one will think more highly of me than is warranted by what I do or say.”

Paul understood that no matter what his past credentials or reputation, what was important was how he behaved in the present. He wanted to be judged by his current ‘performance’, not his past. “Think only as highly of me as my speech and action warrant.” I find this to be a great daily reminder for myself – today is what counts. What I say and do today will be tomorrow’s ‘last game.’ Live every moment for the Lord. I’m only as good as what I do in this moment.

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