When Will I Ever Learn?

It’s been over a year since I last mused on Comcast’s lack of communication. Well, I’m back. 31/2 months ago we sent to their offices the modem we had been renting – we bought our own. We are still being billed the monthly rental fee (only $3.00 but that’s not the point.) I know they received it because I tracked it online. So two nights ago I decided to call the number listed on their bill; I waited for 25 minutes on hold. Of course, during that time I heard several invitations to contact them online. So finally I resorted to that. I went to their website and used it to email my complaint. It states there that the sender will hear most likely in a few hours. I checked last night and they had responded – by saying that for security reasons they would not discuss personal items via email and that I should call the number listed below where there are agents available 24/7. So I called – after working my way the myriad of options on their menu, I finally got through to the department I needed, only to hear “the office is closed…” Hmm… So I sent them another email of very frim complaint and was again told that I would hear most likely within a few hours. It’s 24 hours later and still no response. Why did I ever think contacting them would be easy? When will I ever learn?

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