Worship Themes

“The Word on Worship”

• Under the Influence – Acts 10:23-48
o 3 influences and dynamics in planning worship
1. We are culturally influenced – Key: Does our worship inspire an awe of God’s presence or only a warmth of good will?
2. We are consumer oriented and market driven –Be sensitive to needs of people within the context of who God is – Key: Does our worship humble the soul or merely accommodate social norms?
3. We are visually focused – Must encourage people to participate not just spectate – Key: Does our worship invite participation or passivity?

• The Great Engagement Party – Leviticus 9:1-24
o The importance of building a biblical foundation for worship
1. Primacy of Worship – Created to worship and therefore worship out of submission
2. Promoter of worship – God initiated and therefore worship is a response to God
3. Purpose of worship – To engage with God and therefore worship is not a performance but a divine drama and is not about our feelings but our relationship to God … The goal is not to get something from God (though we often do) but offering something (ourselves) to Jesus Christ

  • • The Trouble with Worship – Ps. 122 & John 4:19-26
    We have lost our focus – have let preferences become convictions – So:
  • The Psalmist reminds us that worship:
    1. Binds our faith – unites our hearts and unleashes our praise – Key = Make His praise glorious
    2. Builds our foundations – Key  = Giving ourselves to God & trusting His judgment
    3. Bolsters our focus –  Key =Seek His face

• Linked In – Heb. 12:18-29
o Worship links us to a variety of valuable fellowships/relationships
1. Spiritual fellowship (Spiritual reality)
2. Universal fellowship
3. Divine fellowship
4. Redeeming fellowship

• Focus! – John 4:1-24
o Unity in worship occurs when worshippers share a common focus on Jesus Christ – Jesus lifted worship out of the categories of place and form and made it a matter of the heart
1. Come to worship Christ, to encounter Him – Therefore partner for worship
2. Worship in spirit, seek His face – Therefore prepare for worship
3. Worship in truth, open heart to God – Therefore pray for worship

• Extravagant Magnification – Isaiah 6:1-8 & Revelation 4:1-11
o Worship is the act of magnifying God – the purpose is to worship Him
1. Worship takes concentration & preparation
2. Extravagance is the lens that magnifies Jesus – the lens is celebration, blessing, sacrifice and submission

• What Good is Worship? – Psalm 63
o Worship is a good and important act because it:
1. Frames our focus on God
2. Reconnects us with God
3. Feeds and satisfies us
4. Provides a pattern for daily living
5. Reaffirms confidence and trust
6. Unites us with one another

“Worship as Pastoral Care”

  • Inspired by the book “Worship as Pastoral Care” by William Willimon – Theme = How does worship provide Pastoral Care?
    o Liturgy
    o Music
    o Prayers
    o Creeds
    o Special Services – Baptism, Lord’s Supper, Wedding, Funeral

Pastor Curry can also speak or lead seminars on:

  • the art & strategy of converging worship styles
  • launching an alternative worship service

… to make the word of God fully known (Col. 1:25)

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