When the Going Gets Tough Reviews

I finished your book Tuesday night. Loved it!

 I was reading a chapter at a time during my nightly Devo time.

 Here are some of the things I loved about it:

  • Great exegetical work. Your insights to Joseph’s story were insightful, inspiring and helpful.
  • It was chalk full of stories.  Loved all the stories from personal ones from your life to well researched stories of others. Each story seemed to fit the given point perfectly.  Additionally the stories made the book easy to read and pulled me along nicely.
  • I really loved getting to know you better by reading the book.
  • I came to appreciate your family as they clearly played a huge part in your love of and service to the lord.
  • I loved how you spoke of your wife – you like and love her, and have for a long time.  The story about losing your sister so long ago was incredibly moving. I think the stories about your life and ministry were my favorite part.

Thanks for writing.

Thanks for the inspiration, encouragement, and challenge!

Written just for me.

Greatly impacted mu son. Keeps writing me about it.

I think it’s a great study or devotional–the chapters are so full of good points and questions that each one could be broken up into smaller pieces if people wanted to spend more time thinking than reading.

Your book…from beginning to end has my name on it…(I’ve been going through) an extended of tough going, but your book has taken a pebble or two out of my shoe. And some of the ones that remain you have helped me to see them differently…Thanks for answering the call to write on Joseph for us today. I could see you offering seminars to churches on this.

“I must tell you I enjoyed your book ‘When the Going Gets Tough.’ I was in the middle of reading it while I was diagnosed with lung cancer. It was so appropriate to daily absorb my news and continue to read. I’m at peace…”

Back in the late 90s, I had the opportunity to spend six years working alongside of Pastor Curry. During that season, I enjoyed listening to many of his encouraging, story-filled messages. Reading this book took me back to what I appreciated about his teaching. It captures well Curry’s heart, style, and authenticity. I read it slowly, more as a daily devotional, and found plentiful words of challenge, encouragement and hope woven throughout. My wife, who enjoyed it greatly, commented on how, in the reading of it, she could hear Curry’s voice. True. Pastor Curry has proved to be a man of seasoned faith and this book is a nice collection of the gathered wisdom he has taken the time and effort to share broadly.

Our Sunday School class did a discussion of this book. It was a good read, posing questions about Joseph that were also applicable to our lives when times get tough. I especially liked the hymns at the end of each chapter.

“Written just for me…”

Finished it. Fantastic! All our kids now have a copy.”

… to make the word of God fully known (Col. 1:25)

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