What God Offers

In the Prayer Guide a while ago – which I had sinfully been neglecting – I read that thought that God most often appears in weakness – even Jesus resisted the temptation to come with more power. Why is this an important insight? “This is why, if we keep clamouring for things we want from God, we may find ourselves disappointed, because we have forgotten the weakness of God …We had thought of God as the dispenser of all the good things we would possibly desire; but in a very real sense, God has nothing to offer except himself.”

I’d been praying for so long that God would send someone with a major gift to help the General Fund and the Building Fund – to do the miracle; even promising that He would certainly receive the glory. But maybe God wants to work another way. Just maybe He doesn’t want to do the big public miracle but, rather, wants to move behind the scenes in the hearts of people. Maybe my prayer from here on needs to be for people to open their hearts to God’s Spirit and for the Spirit to transform hearts; would that not lead to great – even miraculous – things?

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