Show Me, Lord

“Show Me, Lord”
So many times I’ve bowed my head,
“Oh Lord, show me your will,” I said.
He answers back, “Go walk this mile;”
I break a frown and not a smile.
“Dear Lord, an inch or two I’ll go –
But a mile, I just don’t know!
Why the mile? Why there, not here?
My life right now is just so dear.”
“Your will I want to do, I do –
But I have my conditions, too.
Oh Lord, I’ve served you with my heart;
Now this one time, please do your part!”
“Hear my prayer, just ask an inch;
And I’ll obey without a flinch.
It’s my reward for all I’ve done,
By serving faithfully your Son.”
“My son,” He said, “There’s just one thing
That to you reward will bring.
Obedience is my chosen way
To send rich blessings down your way.”
“So lose your life in serving me,
And only then will you really see,
You’ve found your life and reward too
For I myself will honor you.”
Somehow the mile has gained appeal
In fact, I consider it a deal.
I’ll walk it now, and without complaint,
And with His Spirit, I’ll not faint.
For when I put my hope in Him,
My strength renewed will not grow dim.
On eagle’s wings I know I’ll soar,
And not grow weary evermore.
So now I bow my head and say,
“Oh Lord, show me your will and way.”
He answers back, “Go walk that mile.”
I walk, and praise Him all the while.

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