A Clear Example

I’ve been reading with great interest the account of a supporter of the University of Connecticut’s football program. It seems he has generously donated 8 million dollars for the improvement and building of athletic facilities – certainly a wonderful gesture. It’s nice to have someone like that love your institution, isn’t it? But he is now demanding that 3 million dollars be returned to him – because he does not feel he was consulted the way he felt he should have been when the university hired their new football coach. So he sent a harsh, demeaning letter to the Athletic Director attacking and condemning him and the university in a very personal way (Yes, I have read excerpts of the letter.) And he has asked for the 3 million back stating that he wants to give it to a school that will adhere to his philosophy. The University Administration, meanwhile, has made a public response in full support of their Athletic Director.
A lot of things went through my mind as I read this over the last couple of days. I raise just one here. it appears to me that this is a clear example of what true generosity is – and is not. The Bible consistently reminds us that gratefulness leads to generosity and gratefulness flows out of love. I cannot help but wonder why the donor gave? Was it out of love and gratitude for the University or out of a desire to be a major player – to be a BMOC (Big Man On Campus)? It’s not up to me to judge; but it has reminded me to check my motives for giving whatever I give – of my money, time, and talents. Is it for my selfish desires, or out of  gratitude and love? It’s worth pondering.

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