A Credo Not to Live By

The Comcast Credo, printed on every bill, states: “We will be the company to look to first for the communications products and services that connect people to what’s important in their lives.” So the other day our internet and television connections were down. Being a loyal (with really no other choice) subscriber, I called the phone number Comcast listed for service inquiries. Now you need to understand that our phone service is through Vonage, and thus the internet, so I’m calling via my cell phone. Comcast’s automated answering device told me to press 1 for cable television and 2 for internet. I chose 1. Of course there are some options to follow, among them the question “Are you calling from your home phone?” No – I have no internet connection. So I use my account number. I’m than asked to describe the problem, so I say, “My cable television has no signal.” Then I’m told they are extremely busy and I will need to wait. After just a few moments I get a prompt that suggests, to save waiting time, that I go on the internet and try to sole the problem through their website. So, being the brilliant guy I am I figure I’ll redial and push option 2 for internet issues. Amazingly, once I press 2 I wind up at the same options list as I did when I pressed 1. So I go through the whole menu once again, this time describing the problem as “I cannot connect to the internet, only to again be told I will need to wait. I’m willing – until I once again get the message to try going to the website. Hmm…Didn’t I start this call by indicating I was having internet probelms, and didn’t I just say I couldn’t connect? No wonder their credo says we will look to them first – we have no choice – rather than we’ll be the most responsive company in connecting people to what’s important. It’s a scary world when a communications company communicates in this way!

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