When the Going Gets Tough

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Ever feel that for every step forward you go two backwards? You’re not alone. In When the Going Gets Tough, Rev. Pikkaart uses the biblical story of Joseph’s life as found in Genesis 37-50 to encourage believers that God is near – even when life is hard.

Literally thrown by his brothers into a pit to die, Joseph rises from that pit to ultimately rule in a palace – from which he saves his family’s life. Along the way he overcomes the tough times of betrayal, false accusations, overpowering temptations and unjust imprisonment.

Could it be that what happens to us is meant to affect what happens in us? Just as Joseph experienced, we may not always understand God’s ways, but we can rest assured that God’s blessing are abundant. If you are obeying God but struggling to see His hand in your life, then When the Going Gets Tough is for you.

Get started today learning how your choices and God’s choices can work in partnership to move you through the tough times and into the next chapter of your life story!

***Contains reflections and questions for individual or group study

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