A Nation Under God

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What does it mean to be a nation under God? What does a nation under God look like? Why would a nation want to be under God? What are the implications of choosing to be a nation under God?What are the implications of choosing not to be a nation under God? Where can we find answers to these questions?

The Bible contains the unique history of one nation – Israel – who was selected and called to be a nation under God. It only seems logical then to rediscover what this Biblical history has to say.
Israel found the calling difficult and at times confusing. Sometimes she longed to live under God and sometimes she rebelled at the thought – she, too, experienced the polar extremes. So God gave a hard task to the prophet Jeremiah. He assigned Jeremiah – following years of Israelite rebellion and struggle – to confront the Israelites with their rebellion and to call them back to living under God’s design and rule. From Jeremiah, then, we can learn what being under God – living by His design and rule – is about. There are other parts of the Bible where these and similar questions are addressed, but nowhere as consistently and forcefully as in Jeremiah.

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