For All Seasons

Here in Michigan the seasons change frequently – more than four times a year. Sometimes they change back and forth within the cycle of a season. Sometimes it’s sunny and then it’s cloudy; sometimes it’s warm and then it’s cold; sometimes it’s dry and then it’s wet. Sometimes it’s October and the forecast calls for snow. One thing I’ve learned while living most of my life in Michigan is that it does no good to complain. In fact, it’s best if I can learn to find enjoyment in each as it comes.

Similarly, the seasons of life change frequently as well. And there is no pattern or forecast to follow. The seasons come and go as they will. And as with Michigan weather, I’m learning that it does no good to complain. I cannot say that I need to find the joy in each season of life – sometimes there is little – but I am learning to reamin less affected by each. Someone wrote, “When you can reckon the sound of abundant rain and the hot blowing of a dry spell exactly the same, then you will be nearing the land of maturity.”

Lord, help me grow into a man for all seasons.

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