Success That Never Lasts

What a weekend! The Lions not only won (now 6& 2) but looked like a good team in doing so! Michigan won in exciting fashion! The Pistons won to move to 3 & 0. My alma Mater, Central College is nationally ranked and undefeated once again. East Kentwood High School – from which all 3 sons graduated and for which all played soccer – just became the first team in their class division from the West side of the state to win a state soccer title. And Calvin College, where all 3 sons attended and for whom one played soccer, is headed to the national soccer tournament after winning the MIAA conference. And while they didn’t play this weekend, the Red Wings are off to a terrific start. It’s been a long time since all my teams were doing so well. In fact, the only downer was the Tigers – Joel Zumaya having shoulder surgery because a heavy box fell on it while he was removing things from his family’s California home in preparation to flee the fire. I guess he won’t be shouldering the load next year! I realize this may not be the usual blog entry for me, but hey, it’s not very often I can enjoy writing about such success – so I want to enjoy it while it lasts. With sports, you need to do that – because success never lasts forever. Even the Patriots will lose some day!

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