Just Plain Tired

It had been a long, busy week. Productive but energy siphoning! It was Friday morning, a day I try to take off. But there I was trying to catch up – to at least get done those things that would impact Sunday.The mind was working slower and less creatively. The computer seemed to be making more mistakes than usual. But I knew I should persevere. This was my chance to get some stuff done. Finally, around 12:30, I completed the Sunday agenda. I looked at my “To Do List”. There was so much more to do – I knew I’d never accomplish all that I wanted to – and I was tired! So I closed up shop and headed home.
I was reminded of two things when I did so. One was that when it’s time to rest, rest. I needed the break. It’s good to practice what I preach! But the second thing was even more helpful. I picked up a book with quotations dealing with attitude and the first one I read was an Arab proverb: “Dwell not upon your weariness, your strength shall be according to the measure of your desire.” Wham -right on the side of the head! I had lost all perspective that morning. I had let my tiredness to take control of me. I had let my circumstances dictate how I did my work and how I thought. That’s the very thing I preach against so often. I realized then how much better the morning would have gone if I had only remembered the admonition of Paul to do whatever we do to the glory of God! If I had approached my list that Friday with this in mind, I still would not have finished it all – but I would have had more mental energy and spiritual acumen, and therefore more energy. I had been duly chided. I’m sorry, Lord, for forgetting you and for losing sight of the goal. Thank you, Lord, for reminding me.

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