An idea!

It’s so amazing to be a Detroit fan – be it Pistons, Red Wings, Tigers, or Lions. I was just thinking the other day. The Pistons failed in the conference finals – the panic has already set in and the debate begun about total remake of the team. The Wings failed in the conference finals – so it was not, supposedly, an acceptable season. The Tigers are tied for first, finding ways to win games even with a shaky bullpen – but you’d think, listening to the press and others, that the season is a disaster; they are not yet the ‘perfect’ team. Whew – I guess when the bar is set high anything less than world champion is a failure. So here’s my thought – maybe the Lions aren’t so dumb after all. I mean, if they should somehow, some year, manage to be really good, well then the pressure would really be on and the expectations really high. But if they keep at the bottom like they are there are few expectations. I mean, even a 500 season would have people dancing in the streets! Maybe that’s the grand design – “let’s keep it simple to make people happy!” Maybe that’s OK – except for one thing – they haven’t yet had that little better season! This year – maybe?

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